Algoacrysize-300 is a synthetic sizing agent and is high molecular weight Acrylic Polymer. During weaving the yarn is subjected to extreme tension and abrasive action. On the loom warp yarn is sized to improve the viewing room efficiency and the quality of goods. Algoacrysize-300 has been formulated to suit the requirement of the sizer.


  1. Provides a soft protective coating enabling the yarn to resist chafing in passing through the needles.
  2. Increases the strength of yarn.
  3. Lays down loose fibres.
  4. Improves yarn elasticity.



            Appearance:                Water white to pale yellow viscous liquid.

            PH                               7 to 8

           Chemical Nature:        Acrylic Polymer

            Solubility                     Easily soluble in water


Any conventional method of sizing. But the sizer has to adjust the concentration as per the requirement. The technical team can set the recipe after understanding the quality of the yarn.