Algobond-SP is an highly effective dry strength resin employed for paper and paper board. It acts as a binding material between the fibres and fines and thus improves the strength properties to a great extent.


  1. Algobond –SP increased the strength properties like bursting strength, tensile strength and double folds.
  2. Improves the sheet formation by better fibre distribution.
  3. Improves the printability of the paper.
  4. Improves the surface properties as measured by smoothness.
  5. Improves the stiffness of paper board.
  6. Increases the production.



Appearance                  Viscous liquid

PH                               7 to 7.5

Solubility                      Soluble in water


Algobond-SP is easily soluble in water in all proportions and hence is very easy to handle. After dilution with water the product can be added in the mixing chest. A continuous dose in leveling box is recommended. The quantity of Algobond-SP depends upon the type of paper and paper board. However 0.3% to 0.5% on the weight of pulp is the recommended dose.