Algocide is an effective broad spectrum fungicide and bactericide used for controlling the growth of microorganisms commonly present in paper mills. Algocide can be used effectively to control the slime by continuous dosage.


Active ingredients       : Blend of organo sulphur compounds

Appearance                 : Clear liquid

PH                               : 10.5 to 11.5

Density                        : 1.1

Colour                         : Yellowish


DOSAGE:      Algocide should be diluted with water and added at a point where                                                 maximum circulation takes place. A dosage level of 2 to 5 ppm is                                        recommended.

FEDING:       Algocideshould be fed using a dosing pump and feeding should be                                                done at the earliest possible point in the system.

HANDLING:            Algocide causes eye and skin irritation. Wear goggles or face shield                                    and rubber gloves when handling. In case of contact immediately flush the                    eyes or skin with plenty of water for at least 5 minutes. If swallowed do                                  not induce vomiting, drink large quantity of milk or water.