Algodefoamer-S30 and S60 are very effective antifoaming agents used in pulp and paper industry. These are water soluble defoamers and are very easy to handle. The products are recommended for use at paper machine to control foam.


  1. Improves the formation of paper by reducing the pin holes caused by the foam.
  2. Improves the paper machine runability.
  3. Reduces the breaks at paper machine caused by the foam lumps.
  4. Increases the production.



Appearance                 White Liquid

PH                               7 to 7.5

Ionic nature                 Non ionic

Solubility                     Easily soluble in water


A 5 to 10% solution of Algodefoamer is to be prepared by dissolving in water  .It can be added in the machine chest, head box or in the white water tray. A continuous dose is recommended. The quantity of Algodefoamer depends upon various foam producing factors. However for continuous dose 200 to 300 grams per ton of pulp is an ideal quantity.


Algodefoamer is supplied in 50 Kg. and 100 Kg. HDPE carboys. Alternative packing to suit individual requirements can be considered.