Algo Descalant is Sulfamic Acid based descaling agent used in various industries  for removing scales formed by water in boiler tubes, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils.


  1. Descaling with acids like Hydrochloric acid gives better results but at the same time equipments are damaged considerably. Where as  Algo Descalant acts only on scale and thus protects the costly equipments.
  2. Handling of Algo Descalant is considerably easy and safe.


Appearance                 Free flowing powder

Colour                         White

Nature                         Acidic


Algo Descalant is supplied in powder and it is to be dissolved in water.A 10 to 12% solution of Descalant in water is recommended. Circulation of this descalant solution is to be carried out. Connect the tank containing descalant solution by means of pipe or rubber houses to the equipment which is to be descaled. Continuous circulation for 6 to 8 hours is to be carried out using a mechanized pump. It is recommended to keep the tempature of descalant solution between 60 and 70 degree centigrade. Regular checking of descalant solution is to be carried out for acidity. It can be done even by suing the PH paper. The PH paper should remain red. If the PH paper turns yellowish or greenish then additional Algo Descalant is to be added to the solution and circulation is continued till you get the desired descaling results.