Algo DI-RG-01 is a sodium salt of sulponated  alkyl phenol based de inking agent suitable for all most all types of paper and paper board cuttings. The product is having excellent dispersing properties.


  1. Algo DI-RG-01separates the ink particles with out affecting the strength properties like bursting strength, tensile strength and double folds.
  2. Improves the brightness of the pulp.
  3. Works under alkaline  PH conditions.
  4. The product is biodegradable as it is manufactured from natural material.


Appearance                 Viscous liquid

Colour                         Brown

PH                               8.5 to 9.5

Ionic Nature                Nonionic


Algo DI-RG-01 with oxidizing, bleaching and dispersing properties will help to get a good quality of de inked pulp having appreciable brightness gain. Algo DI-RG-01 can be added in the pulper along with caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide. A temperature of 50 to 60 degree centigrade has to be maintained. Retention time of 30 minutes is sufficient. The separated ink particles can be removed in the de inking cells or by washing. The dosage of Algo DI-RG-01 depends upon the quality of secondary fibre and the amount of ink present in it. However a dose of 1.5 to 2.0 Kg per ton is recommended.