Algofloc-CP is a cationic polyelectrolyte that is employed in the manufacturing of paper and paper Board as a dry strength additive and as retention and drainage aid. It is also employed as a flocculant in savealls, fibre recovery unit, and in water and effluent treatment systems.


  1. Algofloc-CP  helps in retention of fibre, fines and fillers.
  2. First pass tetention is increased by at least 10 to 15%
  3. Increase in production at least by 10% because of fines deposition on large fibre portion.
  4. Saving in dye cost at least by 10% for colour paper.
  5. Icreased strength properties like bursting, tensile and double folds.
  6. Replaces additives like gums, starch etc.
  7. Improves the clarity of white water.
  8. Reduces load on save all.
  9. Increases the efficiency of the save all.
  10. Reduces the pollution load



Algofloc-CP is easily soluble in cold water and is very easy to handle. Algofloc-CP can be added directly to the machine chest. A continuous dose in leveling box is recommended. It is added at the end after addition of Rosin, Alum and other wet end additives. Generally 0.2% to 0.3% on weight of pulp is the recommended dose.


Algogloc-CP is supplied in 50 Kg. HDPE carboys. Alternative packing to suit individual requirements can be considered.