Algoplast is low viscosity modified starch for yarn sizing suitable for both cotton and blended yarn. Algoplast is a highly cost efficient sizing material and is easy to desize by using any conventional de sizing process.


1.         Algoplast imparts a uniform coating to the yarn improving the strength and            flexibility.

2.         Uniform pickup due to excellent flow.

3.         better fibre to fibre bonding due to higher penetration.

4.         Improves the weaving efficiency.

5.         Easy de sizing by and conventional process.


Appearance                 White free flowing powder

Moisture                      Max. 8%

PH                               7 to 7.5

Ash content                 Max. 5%

Viscosity                     10 to 15 seconds by cup method of 5% paste
                                    at 27 degree Celsius.


Algoplast is to be added to the mixing cooker by taking required amount of water. The cooking must be carried out with constant stirring for about 30 minutes at 90 to 100 degree Celsius. The temperature of size box must be maintained around 85 degree through out the sizing process.