Algoresin-UF is a highly effective strength increasing agent employed in the manufacturing of paper and paper board. The product improves the wet strength of paper and paper board to a marked extent. The product is supplied in liquid form.


  1. Algoresin-UF increases the strength properties both dry as well as wet of paper and paper board
  2. Improves the sizing properties of paper and paper board.
  3. Improves the stiffness of the paper board.
  4. Improves the finish of the paper and paper board as measured by smoothness.
  5. Improves the paper machine runability and increases the production.


The addition rate of Algoresin-UF depends upon various factors such as the degree of beating, type of pulp and the requirement of strength properties. Generally 0.5% to 2% resin is used on the basis of fibre furnish. For application 5 to 10% solution is prepared. The resin can be added directly to the paper making stock preferably after the jorden and beater at such points as the fan pump, screen or head box inlet.


Algoresin-UFis supplied in 50 Kg. HDPE carboys. Alternative packing to suit individual requirements can be considered.