Algowax-P30 is a free flowing emulsion of fully refined paraffin wax and is a ready to use product. It is acid stable emulsion specially formulated as a sizing chemical for paper and paper board industries.


  1. Higher degree of sizing is obtained by the use of Algowax-P30.
  2. Uniform sizing is obtained.
  3. Where paper or paper board exhibits a tendency  towards two sidedness of sizing value the effect can be minimized by the addition of Algowax-P30.
  4. On coating application Algowax-P30 improves colour build, printability and smoothness.



Appearance                  White Liquid

PH                               7 to 7.5

Ionic nature                  Non ionic

Solubility                      Easily soluble in water


A lgowax-P30 is used in conjunction with rosin size to improve water and ink resistance. To obtain optimum results Algowax-P30 is used upto 50% of rosin size normally used. For stock sizing Alowax-P30 is to added to the mixing chest either before the addition of rosin size or after. Alum is always added last. In coating application Algowax-P30 can be used in conjunction with starch, CMC, China clay etc.



Algowax-P30 is supplied in 50 Kg. and 100 Kg. HDPE carboys. Alternative packing to suit individual requirements can be considered.